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  1. Client to therapist interactions are on a one-on-one basis.


  1. Clients are required to self-evaluate prior to entering ISOLA. No clients who show any of the symptoms of COVID-19 will be allowed to enter.


  1. Therapists are masked during any face-to-face interaction with clients.


  1. New masks are available for clients who need one. 


  1. All surfaces, supplies and equipment in the therapy room are cleaned per CDC standards prior to each client’s visit. 


  1. All linens are changed between clients and laundered on-site.


  1. All frequent-touch surfaces in the business including door handles, front counter, light switches, toilet and bathroom sink are disinfected before and after each client’s visit.


  1. The treatment rooms and front desk area are sterilized after hours with a medical-grade UV disinfection system.


  1. All therapists wash their hands before beginning the treatment, and again after finishing the treatment. 


  1. Hand sanitizer is available for use at the front desk and in all the treatment rooms.


  1. Pre-payment is encouraged via online services; payment at the front desk is accepted with the appropriate precautions.


  1. Clients are asked to come into ISOLA alone and not bring any family members or friends. 


Thank you for helping us keep everyone as safe as possible!


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