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Rebecca is a highly practiced and educated body and skin care expert specializing in therapeutic modalities. Her career includes the role of spa manager of a resort destination spa, spa manager of a medical spa, and founder and owner of ISOLA Massage & Skin Studio.


She is passionate about relieving pain and changing lives and has more than 500 hours of continuing education. She has a unique ability to find and relieve pain, injuries and imbalances, using a combination of modalities.


Specialities include Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Esthetics.


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Jane is an experienced and educated massage therapist, reflexologist, esthetician and nail tech. She is known for having “a mindful and nurturing touch with a relaxed yet professional presence." This allows her to work successfully on a variety of clients ranging from athletes, to the injured, to clients who just want to relax.


A graduate of Inland Massage Institute in Spokane, she studied Thai massage at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chang Mai, Thailand. Her career has included work at a destination resort spa, private golf club, and private practice.


She customizes massage sessions for each client, whether their needs are sports massage, deep tissue, rehab /injury work or relaxation, often incorporating warm stones during the session. She also offers facials using Yon-ka or 302 professional skin care products as well as manicures and pedicures.


To schedule an appointment with Michele:

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Michele offers skincare for men, women and young adults, with waxing, brow design and lash and brow tints. Her expertise includes sun damage, inflammation and hormonal changes affecting skin. She creates customized facials to address specific issues including anti-aging.


Licensed in Washington and Idaho since 2002, she has experience in a medical spa and day spa as well as advanced training for various skin care products including Yon-Ka, Comfort Zone, Skinceuticals, PCA, 302 Skincare and Dermalogica.


She is passionate about skin care, and offers a nurturing and restorative environment for her clients. She sees skin as a long-term investment in health and well-being, and she counsels her clients for at-home treatments as well.




To book an appointment with Megan:

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Megan's passion is to help her clients look their very best and instill them with confidence. She has perfected this art for the past 15 years while working in destination spas as well as a plastic surgeon and dermatologist's office.


.She is trained in microblading, a permanent makeup technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by drawing tiny individual lines that resemble hairs. Her other areas of expertise include dermablading, which diminishes fine hairs around the jaw, neck and chin while improving the radiance and smoothness of the skin. 


She also offers chemical peels, which can reduce fine lines under eyes and around the mouth, treat wrinkles and sun damage, improve appearance of mild scars, treat certain types of acne, reduce age spots, freckles and dark patches, and otherwise improve the look and feel of skin.​ These treatments are most often available only in a medical setting, and she offers them in the comfort, privacy and cost savings of ISOLA.

Megan also offers Brazilian waxing as well as body waxing, and is highly experienced, fast and professional at this hard-to-find service.

She offers SkinCeuticals, an entire product line of skin care backed by science.



To book an appointment with Katie:

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Katie specializes in injury treatment, deep tissue, sports and relaxation. She believes in helping people, whether to relieve pain, treat an injury, lessen stress or just help them relax. Every massage is important to the health and well-being of each client. 

She graduated from the Bodymechanics School of Massage and Myotherapy in Olympia, Washington, in 2004. She was licensed in Washington, then Idaho, and has worked as a massage therapist since 2004. She has previously worked in chiropractic offices.

“I make sure and listen to what my client needs," Katie says. "I also feel what their body needs. It’s about listening and being intuitive to others. I want to make sure that I am giving each client what they need from me. No massage is the same. Everyone and every body is different.”



To book an appointment with Justin:

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- visit his website Untapped Health, Fitness and Recovery

Justin uses cupping, warm and cold stones, gua-sha/scraping, tapping, healing creams/oils and advanced massage treatments and techniques as optional add-ons to give you the best massage bodywork experience. He specializes in medical, sports and pre/post natal massages along with personal training and nutrition counseling to achieve proper healing and wellness. 


He has dedicated many years of study to the function, performance and health of the human body. He worked as a therapist in one of the top-rated spas in the world in Jackson Hole, where he helped create specific high-level massage treatments. He is an expert in helping people recover from injury or prevent injury, high school students with sports for college, pregnant women in handling and recovering from their pregnancies and believes in massage as one of the best ways to get rid of stress.


“Our health is what allows us to live the life we want,” Justin says. “I love to help people improve their health in any way I can through the skills I have to offer. I look forward to meeting you and helping in any way I can.”





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